The Lazy Geeks 341: 2019 E3 Recap

It has been a hectic week. First, I was struck down with a major cold, after regaining my voice for last week’s episode. With that, I was unable to update the E3 news for the remainder of the week, which turned out to be okay. We had pushed back our recording due to Father’s Day for Adam. So, here we are. We are back with The Lazy Geeks 341.

We discuss some of the highlights, and thoughts, on all the announcements from E3 this year. Focusing on the EA, Bethesda, Microsoft, Ubisoft, Square Enix, and Nintendo press conferences. It’s a mixed bag, as I found the events to be a bit boring, while Adam thought it was a good year. However, Sony’s presence was missed among us and other observers.

Yes, Microsoft announced their new Xbox console, but we wanted something more. The essentially already announced their big news, but we did get Keanu for Cyberpunk 2077. We will get into the crowd reaction to Marvel’s Avengers to see if it was valid or over-expectation. Lots of cool stuff coming from Nintendo, as well as our first look at Final Fantasy VII: Remake.

There was a lot to cover, as well as our review of Amazon’s Good Omens, and the weird land formation on Mars that looks like the Federation from Star Trek already made their claim to the red planet. Here us get a bit of our nerd on with that. As well as anti-vaxxers got hit with the loss of another exemption they could use to get out of being vaccinated. That is just another episode of The Lazy Geeks 341: 2019 E3 Recap. Let us know what you thought about it in the comments below.




Starfleet Insignia on Mars

Review of Good Omens


Overall E3 2019 Impressions/Thoughts/Observations


And, Our WTAF:

Anti-Vaxxers Get Shot Down In New York



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