The Lazy Geeks #343: Murica’s Bday

Happy Fourth of July, everyone! The Lazy Geeks 343 is here to kick off your week. Well, we know it’s on Thursday, but we want to wish you a happy one in advance. Especially if you are going on vacation for the week, or just taking a long weekend. Also, want to remind you guys to donate to the show. Your support will keep us going and help develop new shows. So, click on the PayPal link on the right and drop us a dime or something.

This week, we discuss the state of Google. A video cropped up that shows some vloggers, content creators, or alt-right nutjobs unhappy with the state of YouTube. How the company demonetizes their videos for no reason and how it hurts them. The thirty-minute vid comes out as being an ad for a new video platform. Citing you make money and there are no restrictions. You know, like YouTube used to be.

We dive into the reasons for YouTube’s turn and how their leftist, alt-right leanings play into the video. Once a domain of non-repercussion freedom, has now turned down the freedom to pay by the rules. Where you could discuss any theory about Hilary Clinton, non-science, anti-vaccination, or conspiracy theory without repercussion. Unfortunately, that isn’t how life is. They are just learning that.

Also, we hit on some of the big news stories of the past week. So, before you lose that hand launching that fire cracker, listen to The Lazy Geeks 343: Murica Bday. Turn it on before you launch it, so you have something to listen to when you’re holding your other hand in the emergency room.




Heading into the 4th of July Weekend

Summer’s Finally Here


Short Takes:

Sony is Skipping SDCC

Spotify Overpaid Songwriters and Wants It Back

Apple and Samsung’s Weird Arrangement

Mac Pro Production Moving to China


Headlines :

Twitter to Hide Harmful Tweets From Public Figures

San Francisco Broadband Law


Main Story:

Censorship of YouTube


And, Our WTAF:

Alex Jones Can’t Stay Outta Trouble



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