The Lazy Geeks 344: Quake Country

It has been a busy week in California. At least, for me. Not so much for Adam. Not only did I have to wake up to a small rolling motion on the Fourth of July but received a sizeable shake just after dinner the next night. Yet, with all that, we still managed to bring you a new episode with The Lazy Geeks 344: Quake Country.

Having lived through the Northridge Earthquake of 1994, I know what a strong shaker can do to you physically and mentally. Not only that, the early warning system that was designed to let us know worked, but since it was outside of Los Angeles Country, it didn’t alert anyone. I have some choice words about that issue.

Aside from that, we manage to discuss some of the news of the week, which includes Adam getting a PSOne retro console for their new low price. We discuss with the postponement of the fourth Star Trek movies, with the success of Star Trek: Discovery and other new shows coming, do we really need a new movie. The movies were supposed to give us the visual effects that we missed because of television budgets.

Now, things have changed, and stories are more involved. So, will those movies really be missed? Let us know in the comments below. As you head back to work, just breath and relax. The lazy Geeks 344: Quake Country is here for you.



All the Damn Quakes

The Shake LA App Suck

Adam’s PSOne

Gamefly Gold


Short Takes:

Netflix Calming Down with Their Expensive Projects

Sony Subs “Detroit” in PS Plus Free Games

MoviePass Suspends Service

The Walking Dead Comic Ends

PlayStation Vue Gets A Rate Hike

Star Trek Universe is Coming to Comic-Con



YouTube Ain’t About Hacking Life

Samsung Has “Fixed” the Fold and Apologizes


Main Story:

Does Star Trek Need to Be Films?


And, Our WTAF:

A Reason to Stay in School Kids



“Roots of Legend” Density & Time
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