The Lazy Geeks #345: Power of a Supernova

We will be the first to admit that the news has been pretty slow in recent weeks. With very little news coming out from movies and games, technology seems to be the only thing moving along. But, The Lazy Geeks #345 still moves along. There isn’t much hope that the San Diego Comic-Con will bring anything major. That is mostly due to the fact that many of the major studios won’t be in attendance.

Although, Marvel will have the stage and we could hear what is in store for the next phase of their cinematic universe. So, that should dominate the news cycle for the next few months. I mean, we have no new Marvel movie announced since the release of Spider-Man: Far From Home. That is weird for Marvel.

This week, we discuss the idea of “spec work” that seems to be plaguing Ubisoft and HitRecord. The idea is that for Watchdogs: Legion, Ubisoft wants to use community created work. It’s submitted and whoever gets put into the game will get paid. However, some critics are saying that they are exploiting the fanbase. They should get paid.

Unfortunately, many of the critics have never done “spec work” before. If you work in Hollywood, writers are constantly told to have spec scripts that will hopefully land you a job on television. If it’s submitted, there are no guarantees that a job will be given to you. Not to mention, none of these people are forced to do it. As you would expect, we have some thoughts.

We, also, laugh at the whole concept that people want to storm Area 51 to get a look at them aliens. The greatest part is the memes that came out of it. Well, enjoy this week’s episode of The Lazy Geeks #345: Power of a Supernova. Have a great week.




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Short Takes:

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Headlines :

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Main Story:

Ubisoft Partners with HitRecord Again


And, Finally:

Invasion of Area 51



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