The Lazy Geeks: A PlayStation Showcase Story

It’s hard to get away from the whole 20 years since 9/11. Everyone in the media has been playing it up. If you lived through it, it changed the way we lived our lives. A PlayStation Showcase Story spends the first half talking about our experiences through that life-altering day.

If you have not lived through that change, it’s hard for people to understand. Much like us dealing when John F. Kennedy was shot. Going through our memories of life before then is difficult to remember. News from September 10, 2001, is difficult to remember. Unless you watched those YouTube videos about the headlines just before 9/11 or the night before.

I was in my mid-twenties, while Adam was still in high school. As a country, we never had to deal with terrorism like that. We reveled in the fact that we thought those two oceans kept us safe. However, like Covid-19, it was airline travel that would be our undoing.

Shownotes for “A PlayStation Showcase Story”:

9/11 – 20 Years Later

PlayStation Showcase 2021

A PlayStation Story comes back around and discusses the highlights of last Thursday’s announcements. Some of the surprises and some things we are done hearing about. I’m talking about you Grand Theft Auto V. Can we stop bringing it to all the latest systems? This was a game that was released for the PlayStation 3. The PlayStation 3?!

It has been redone for the PS4 and now for the PS5. I have not played the game since the re-release for the PS4. Nor will I grab the PS5 version, as I’ve played the game twice and it holds nothing new for me. I know I am a minority in this thinking, but I don’t care.

We don’t have more than two topics for this show, but both will take up the hour. We hope you enjoy this episode and will see you next time.