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In 2010, The Lazy Geeks was created by Adam Riley and Steven Vargas. The concept started simple enough. Do a weekly podcast talking about geek news. Over the course of the last ten years, we expanded it into a series of podcasts and a continuous blog.

As we past our tenth anniversary, our staple podcast, The Lazy Geeks Podcast, was starting to get long in the tooth. A folksy metaphor, I know, but it works. As all good things, the show was concluded at the 400th episode. It was a nice round number and we left it on our terms.

However, that doesn’t mean it will be the end!

The series of podcasts has continued, as has the blog. We are currently running three additional shows. For branding purposes, we have resurrected The Lazy Geeks podcast and is our de facto flagship series. It is essentially two adult geeks that are talking about adulting and how much it sucks. Changing it from its news orientated focus.

There is our niche podcast, The Away Team, which recaps the entire franchise of Star Trek in canonical order. Meaning, we are starting with Star Trek: Enterprise and working our way up from there. Although, if you’ve never seen the series, probably not the best way to get indoctrinated into the franchise.

Our social commentary podcast, The Gen-Xer Podcast, focuses on issues plaguing the world today from a Generation X point-of-view. Nothing happened in a vacuum. There are breadcrumbs throughout history that will show you where things came from.

Of course, we are working on more.

During the latter portion of 2021, we will be bringing you two more shows. They are currently in development, but we aren’t rushed to get them out. This year is our rebuilding year and will look to be a banger 2022.

The blog will contain news, recommendations, reviews, and possibly some YouTube videos in our future. We are rebooting ourselves and look toward the next decade (yeah, right). We’re curious to see where this takes us.

Join us in the next step in our evolution. 

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Listen to our Latest Episode

Listen to our Latest Episode

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