The Lazy Geeks Anniversary is Here

It’s October! You know what that means? It’s The Lazy Geeks anniversary. Eleven years we have been doing this shit. Since we started in 2010, no one thought we would be doing this eleven years later. Neither of us thought this would go past a year. Personally, I thought it would end when Adam moved to Arizona. Then, we discovered how to record through Skype and the rest is history.

Many of you probably noticed we haven’t been posting much content over the last month. Much of that was due to the things going on personally. Others was deciding October was the best time to relaunch the shows.

The Lazy Geeks anniversary closes out our tenth year. Which started out with bright ideas and ambitions. The close of the lockdowns and the rise of the vaccine. Unfortunately, halfway through that I lost my brother to cancer. Then my dog, Banner, only several weeks later. It’s been a rough six months.

October is The Lazy Geeks Anniversary month.

Life has been a readjustment for me. Learning how to live a new life. Alone, without my brother. Starting a new job and a new lifestyle. Dealing with being alone. Not just keeping me busy to be busy. But being busy to live life. I gave up a lot over the course of the last year or two. Taking care of my brother. Starting this new life is taking a lot to do, but I am desiring to make a new mark.

Starting this week, we will be releasing new episodes of all three shows. We hope this to be the last break until the end of the year. We have begun releasing these shows on our YouTube channel again. Hoping to stay on top of it and keep it going.

I hope you join me in celebrating the eleventh Lazy Geeks anniversary. Let’s see what this year has in store for all of us.