The Lazy Geeks Are Back

We are back! 

As promised on our Wordpress blog, we are coming back with a self-hosted blog and new podcasts. After super fan, Amador, decided to make a good donation to bring us back, we are going into this having fun. The Lazy Geeks is going to be looking backward with some of the fun we had, but moving forward for making the show more streamlined.  

Obviously, our The Lazy Geeks episode that will drop tomorrow will be a bit on the long side, we are covering things that we missed. Not everything, but stuff we wanted to talk about. Including some news of the past week. But, a bit less structure that will allow us to discuss anything we want for the duration that we want. We have made some changes in our lives and will give some insight into those as well. 

You may notice that I am more active on social media, as well. We are definitely posting and chatting more with our followers on Twitter and Instagram. This will allow you to talk to us more, as well. We are still on Facebook, so you can send us messages through Facebook. As you may have noticed, we don’t have Google+ anymore, as they are getting rid of it in April. Not that we had any real luck on that wannabe social media platform. 

You may notice that the blog has almost everything from the past eight years on it. Some items are missing. During the port, many of the images didn’t make it over. Given that there are nearly 10 thousand posts, it will take time to update those. However, I managed to update over 200 of our latest posts. Also, any podcasts prior to episode 32, are missing. We have explained this many time, but they were lost after a hardware malfunction. Some remain and those have been used as ‘throwback’ or ‘rewind’ episodes. 

We are back. Excited to see how this goes moving forward. Looking for a hard restart. We look forward to having a good time and see if you are ready to come along for the ride. Let’s kick off season nine. 

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