The Lazy Geeks Blog Makes Changes

Since our inception, we have always reported news back in 2010. Well, we didn’t start out that way. Initially, the blog was designed to reflect and home the podcast. Give it an online presence and a reference for people to refer to. After eight years, The Lazy Geeks blog makes changes. It isn’t something that will be drastic but it would be something that would be easier to maintain. It will reflect the new direction of the podcasts and more depth to its hosts.

So what’s the Difference?

As we stated on our final episode of The Lazy Geeks Podcast, we are no longer strictly reporting news. That isn’t to say we will not report any news, but there will not be a daily barrage of news stories. Many of which may (mostly likely not) interest you. It is easy to report the news when you are simply writing the same thing over and over again.
Not only that, but when you report a story, only to correct it the next day – that becomes tedious. Through careful consideration, the decision was made to no longer become a news site. Primarily, you can get the news anywhere. Also, there is something to say about writing better content than the quantity of content. It’s the whole quality over quantity thing.
You may see news posts from time to time, but it will not be littered with such. You will no longer see new releases every Sunday. Again, you can get your fix from anywhere. Just ask Google.

What will you be providing?

The Lazy Geeks will become more of a blog. It will focus more on a geek lifestyle. Issues that affect geeks of various ilk. There will be blogs about mental health issues and incorporate journal entries to Steven chronicling his writing. Posting blogs about politics, conspiracy theories, and science issues that would intrigue us. Hopefully, it would intrigue some of the readers out there.
Reviews will be a focus as to review content from digital mediums, comics, books, as well as movies. With the looser restrictions regarding the content means Adam may post more.

Any other changes?

Our social media presence will be streamlined. If you are promoting anything online, it is nearly a second job. We will maintain our presence on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram for the time being. However, social media that either hasn’t helped us or we couldn’t commit to will be dropped. Google+ will be deleted in the coming weeks. We had hopes for it, but Google gave up on it. As will our YouTube page see deletion. We had plans for it, but not enough time or content could ever be produced.
However, the upside of that decision is with fewer outlets, we will be able to increase our presence on those outlets. Plus, with the additions of other shows on the network, there will be inherently more promotional material dropping on a daily basis.
The site has never pulled in the traffic that we hoped it would. We would have liked to use the free version we started it. However, with their ridiculous security restrictions, it was necessary to privately host it.
Fortunately, the change of direction should allow us to create a blog that will be fun for readers. More importantly, draw more traffic to the blog to warrant keeping it. With hosting site prices increasing, it become harder and harder to justify keeping. We hope you will join on this next step in our evolution. Here is to the next step in the future of The Lazy Geeks.

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