Let me know if you heard this one before? The Lazy Geeks are back. Well, not really, but kinda. If you listened to the momentary hiatus I did for the podcasts The Gen-Xer and Great American Shit Show, you know what’s going on. If you haven’t, I don’t know what to tell you. The Lazy Geeks – Chapter 2 is more like it. Sort of a reboot. Not just for the site, but for me.

Back in 2021, I lost my brother. You can listen to that announcement on our old podcast. All those old episodes are still up. I have struggled with his passing since. During the first year, I pushed my way through. I went through the motions and found things to occupy my time. But something happened after that first year. I kind of lost it.

I skewed into a deep depression. Many things didn’t turn out my way and I fell further into it. I tried to pick myself up from my bootstraps last year, and it didn’t work. Things still continued to not go my way and I lost all sense of direction.

Losing all sense of direction to Chapter 2

I started new projects, only to stop them after a bit. Things that used to keep my attention or gave me passion did nothing for me. Friends didn’t seem to care about me. Everyone said to reach out to them, but no one ever reached out to me. Only Adam. If he didn’t hear from me after a week, he would text me: “what it do though?”

Seldom does my own sister check in on me. I mean, she does the bare minimum but never asks how I am doing mentality. None of my own relatives or people that claim to be friends. I felt alone. As if I fell off the face of the Earth, no one would give a flying fuck.

The only ones that seemed to care are my pets. My dog, River, wakes me up in the morning. Follows me when I feel sad and care. My cats (Oliver and Rose) are shaky at best. Rose meows and runs to me when I get angry. Oliver is aloof. I worry about their well-being more than my own.

Things start to clear out a bit

After a few friends – and family – failed me, I started to get angry. Which is an odd place to find motivation, but you take it where you can get it. Many just give lofty platitudes or suggestions that are based in any sort of reality. “If it were me” was usually followed by unsolicited advice. But it isn’t you. Empathy is what’s needed. Not some outdated ‘boomer’ philosophy that doesn’t work now.

Also, their advice would fall flat if they were in the same situation. I have blocked, unfriended, and turned away from people that don’t offer help, just critiques. Since I have no home internet, I have to go to the local library to use their Wi-Fi. To do research, upload, or download things that I need to fill my time when I’m not applying for jobs.

I have decided to focus on something and push myself to accomplish: my content. There are a lot of hours that I spend alone in my thoughts. That, in combination of “I’d flip burgers” advice, is not a good headspace to be in. So, I open a note in Google Notes, and leave myself a list of things to look up when I reach the library. Extra stuff to fill my time at home when I am unable to apply for work.

This bore The Lazy Geeks – Chapter 2

I tried many different incarnations of blogs to make a brand for myself. Nothing ever seemed to work for me. None of them ever felt right. Even my longest one, The Gen-Xer Pod. It felt as if I was giving myself a “boomer” tag that would keep people away from engaging in that content. I still owned The Lazy Geeks domain. I thought, maybe I should use this as a homepage for my content.

That leads me to where I am now. Even though I am alone with no real friends, I can do something that can make me focus on other things. Allow myself to get into content that I can write, produce, and release. As of right now, I have The Gen-Xer Pod that’s restarting. Plus a more cynical look at our society with Great American Shit Show.

Adam will not be with me for this ride. I am doing this alone. However, much of the blog stuff I had been doing alone for a while. Would we still be doing the show together, not sure. Not having home internet to record our shows doesn’t make things easy. I still have some old versions of The Away Team that I can release as I did last fall. Complete that first season of Star Trek: Discovery. I may do The Lazy Geeks again, solo. But we will have to see how it all plays out.

So for now..?

The blog will be filled with posts of my various podcast content. Random musings of things I’m thinking about. Maybe some commentary on news and some reviews. Particularly on some films and various mobile phone companies of the prepaid nature.

Join on this journey of renewed self-discovery. I have plans to start a YouTube channel with a twist on the whole movie reaction channels that fill my feed. There is nothing wrong with them, but I think there is something to offer.

If you want to help me out with donations to get my internet back, implement my YouTube plans, or simply allow me to feed my doggo and kitties, please click on the “Donation” page for my Venmo, PayPal, or Cash App details. Let’s see what I can make out of this thing.

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