The Lazy Geeks: Dim the Lights

The guys are back with their penultimate episode. The Lazy Geeks: Dim the Lights is full of various topics. Don’t think our final episode will be much different than what you’re listening to today. One thing to know, if you’re listening to either The Truly Pointless Podcast or The Away Team, they will not have a new episode next week. We decided that we will focus solely on our final episode and they will return in April.

The mythical The Flash movie will lose its father but will introduce Barry’s mother. Since it’s still a “Flashpoint” type of storyline, this should be an alternate reality. Sony haters are loving it as Bethesda games are coming to the Xbox Game Pass. Apple is ditching their original HomePod and going to focus on their mini. The mini version of their iPhone isn’t going do hot, but you do you man.

Shownotes for ‘Dim the Lights’: 


Steven: “The Flash” Movie Loses Dad But Gains Mom

Adam: Bethesda Games on Game Pass

Steven: EA to Investigate “EAGate”

Adam: Apple Discontinues Original HomePod, will Focus on Mini

Steven: HBO Max to Release an Ad-Supported Version

Adam: Google and Microsoft about to scrap

Steven: Netflix Cracking Down on Password Sharing

Adam: Telsa Investor Sues Elon Musk

Douchebags of the Week:

Steven: LastPass – It’s About the Delivery

Adam: Amazon’s Hitler Icon

Social Media Idiots:

Guam is a Foreign Land

If your ex is still using your Netflix account and you don’t want to change the password, you have an out. Netflix is beginning to crackdown on password sharing. You’ll need to verify you own the account, so this is more of a “I got you” moment. Dim the Lights brings you two of the silliest fuck ups from companies like LastPass and Amazon. Neither of them are really a thing, but you can see why they would be. Also, our episode wouldn’t be complete with another Majorie Taylor Greene tidbit. She doesn’t know history or geography. Silly person, life is for adults.