The Lazy Geeks: Doing Minimal of Everything

Welcome to another one of our Ted Talks. This week, “Doing Minimal of Everything” the guys getting into the whole cancel “cancel culture”. Steven has an experience with GameStop over a third-party Xbox One X power supply, while Adam have begun rewatching the Star Wars franchise with his kid. That is going well. Not in a sarcastic manner, but it’s genuinely going well.

The whole cancel “cancel culture” is not about letting anyone say what they want. If you are truly a bad person, saying bad things, then you should be. Such as telling people to take up violence against another group of people. Like Donald Trump or other conservatives that claim they need guns to rise up. Not interpreting someone’s words to claim as hate speech. Such as in Dave Chappelle’s case. He doesn’t agree with some members of the LGTBQ community, and that is not hate speech.

It simply boils down to having a difference of opinion doesn’t make for someone to be canceled. If someone believes in some conservative values, does not mean they should be canceled. Many time, some of Hollywood’s biggest conservatives, they have already canceled themselves. Look at Kevin Sorbo and James Woods.

Shownotes for ‘Doing Minimal of Everything’:

Cancel the Cancel Culture

GameStop trying to be Slick

Adam watching the Star Wars movies w/ son

Guy at work that’s a sales beast

In a moment of personal loss, Adam and his son are bonding over Star Wars. Adam’s son has never seen any of the Star Wars movies. As Adam is more of a Star Trek fan, it makes sense. However, Adam has decided to watch the entire franchise with his son. Adam finds himself seeing them in a new light and watching the reaction his son has discovering it for the first time.

Hope you enjoy this episode of The Lazy Geeks: Doing Minimal in Everything. We promise that next week will be a little lighter in tone. It will be about third world debt and Holocaust denial. Just kidding. Or, are we?

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