The Lazy Geeks: Find the Curve

We are back! Yes, consistently for the time being. We hope to be for the remainder of the year and what a year it’s been. It’s October, so you know what that means? It’s anniversary month. The Lazy Geeks: Find the Curve kicks off the official season twelve of the show. We hope you join us to celebrate this nice milestone.

The first portion of the episode focuses on a documentary that I found on Netflix, Beyond the Curve. It is a Flat Earth documentary that follows a couple of high-profile flat Earth self-proclaimed celebrities. It, also, counters a lot of their information with scientific information from, you know, scientists.

Now, our observation wasn’t about bashing their beliefs. It was our attempt to find out the true motivations behind such beliefs. Two major players in the documentary for Mark Sargent and Rebecca Steere. They discuss how they got into, but it is kind of glossed over. However, they manage to discuss just how “popular” they got when they put their views out on the internet.

Shownotes for ‘Find the Curve’:

Our Anniversary

“Beyond the Curve” Flat Earth documentary

Nintendo Direct – Kotaku

It is pretty evident to see that they can’t deny what the so-called “truth” is. If they did, they would no longer be relevant. No longer important. Especially someone like Sargent, who feeds on the adulation he gets from “like-minded” people. They see him as some sort of savior. While he denies he enjoys the praise, you can see that he feeds on it.

Many moments within the documentary, you see glimpses that bother Steere and Sargent have moments of clarity. “Find the Curve” looks that it isn’t the belief that keeps them there. It’s the hero worship that they can’t live without.

The Lazy Geeks: Find the Curve dips into the Nintendo Direct showcase and some of the cool stuff we are looking forward to. Not to mention, one of the announcements has convinced him to get a Switch. A real one, not one of those lite ones.

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