The Lazy Geeks: Got Beat Up in School… A Lot

Back to our second full week of podcasts. Some of you may have noticed that our site wasn’t functioning properly last week. And a few days the week before. The Lazy Geeks: Got Beat Up in School … A Lot touches base on what happened. It was our old hosting company, Bluehost. For one reason or another, something was going on with the shared server we were on.

Unable to give us any real information, they lied to us. They claimed the issue was fixed after a full day of being offline. Promised a call if there were any further issues. 21 hours after being told it would be back, it was still offline. Emails, the admin, and main site still didn’t work. Frustrated, I managed to have the site migrated to another hosting company.

Within an hour of signup, my site was moved and back to running normal. Skystra Cloud saved the day for us. Offered better price and options. And far more affordable than Bluehost. If you need a hosting company, you should check them out. This isn’t a paid endorsement. This is legit from experience.

Shownotes for Got Beat Up in School … A Lot:


Moved to a new hosting company

Removing Ads

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Douchebag of the Week:

Ben Shapiro

With all our hosting issues before us (fingers crossed) we are looking to get a full week’s worth of content out there for you. The Lazy Geeks: Got Beat Up in School … A Lot is a suggestion about Ben Shapiro’s life in his school days. Not saying it did happen, but it would seem more than plausible. Enjoy this week and we will see you back here next week.