The Lazy Geeks Hiatus Is Happening

Yeah, you read the headline right: The Lazy Geeks hiatus is happening. It seems like a repeat of the beginning of the year. This one is a slightly bit different. I don’t have internet right now. The bigger problem is that I don’t know when I will be able to get it back.

The issue is that Adam and I record using Skype. So, without the internet, you can see the problem lies. We will hopefully get it back some day when the bill can be paid. Until then, I will throw up a “Rewind” episode for this Monday, but that will be it for a while.

I will continue to post blog/news stories on the site because I will be using the internet from my local library. I know, loser-ville. We don’t know how long this will go on, but given that we have had no donations, since the donation to come back, we are losing a bit of our incentive to get back to the show. Not to mention, we are still not getting any feedback/comments about the shows from anyone.

I don’t mean to turn this into a passive-aggressive post, but when you do a passion project – you like to think people enjoy it. Unfortunately, for the couple of you that have said anything to us, we really don’t know if any even enjoys it. When we make changes, no one lets us know what they think of the formats or anything.

So, in any case, we are going back to the idea of doing it for us and fuck everyone else – so to speak. Unfortunately, it is making me more inclined to just abandon the show and do something else. I know we mentioned that before, but we had such an emotional plea – it compelled us to come back. I guess things have changed in five months.

The Lazy Geeks hiatus is happening. We hope that it won’t be long and if you would like to help out – donate to my PayPal at the right. Click the link and make a donation. If not, well, you can listen to our back catalogue for a bit and some of our older-cancelled shows on our YouTube page. Until next time, live large.

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