The Lazy Geeks: Litmus Test for Douchebags

The concept of the podcast being release one or two days late isn’t lost on us. The Lazy Geeks: Litmus Test for Douchebags was recorded over two days. That wasn’t by our design. The universal design. I know the show was always meant to be released on Monday, since we would record on Sunday evening. However, that changed a couple of weeks ago.

A couple of weeks ago, Adam’s mother came to Arizona for family reasons. She wanted to spend time with Adam and his family on Sunday. So, I agreed to move recording to Monday night so he can have that. This would’ve been the only show to be delayed. This happened again the next week. Then the weekend after that.

So, I recommended that, for the duration of her stay, we record on Monday nights. Now, it isn’t desirable to do it on Monday nights, especially after a full day of work. To record The Lazy Geeks: Litmus Test for Douchebags, we were going to record in the afternoon since Adam’s family left for a couple of days.

Shownotes for The Lazy Geeks: Litmus Test for Douchebags –


Switching to Pixel

Buy a New Battery for my 4th Gen iPod

Moving to Chromecast with Android TV


Steven: Former Copyright Troll Ordered to Pay Restitution

Adam: Twisted Metal Live-Action TV

Steven: Facebook to Block News Sharing in Australia

Adam: Diablo IV Rogue Class and Diablo II 

Steven: First Latina Supergirl Cast

Adam: That Nintendo Direct Tho

Steven: Wandavision Knocked Out Disney Plus

Adam: Twitch Replaced Metallica’s BlizzCon Concert With Hilarious Non-Heavy Metal Music

Douchebags of the Week:

Steven: Ted Cruz

Adam: What he said

Social Media Idiots:

Tom Boyd former Texas Mayor

Part way through this episode, Spectrum had a massive internet outage in Los Angeles and Ventura. It was out for about a couple of hours. We opted to complete the episode on Tuesday afternoon for a Wednesday release.

That is the treacherous tale of how The Lazy Geeks: Litmus Test for Douchebags was done. It is a long episode but it is worth the wait. Enjoy.