The Lazy Geeks Rewind: Making Sense of Nonsense

As today is the holiday of Memorial Day, we decided to take a week off and relax. If you heard the last episode, you would have heard us say see you back in two weeks. This just proves that none of you actually listen to us. Anyways, we decided that a “throwback” episode would be in order. With the chaos of the world, it would be nice to look back some seven years to 2011 and listen to an old show. This throwback has some crazy stuff in it.


Charlie Sheen begins going crazy. Problems with video games and the culture. Activision closing down a bunch of studios. Smithsonian begins to put together a video game museum. Adam gets excited that reruns of The Sarah Conner Chronicles is coming to SyFy. China had a World of Warcraft theme park. Discussing the history of games and our personal favorites, as well as a company loses a court case by editing major Hollywood movies (removing objectional parts of the movie) and re-selling them.

Ah, it was such an easier time. We will return next week with a band- new episode with renewed energy and a modified format. Enjoy the holiday.



“There It Is”, “NewsSting”, “Rocket”, and “Discovery Hit” – Kevin MacLeod (

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