The Lazy Geeks Network Joins TuneIn


As 2015 comes to a close, we are making moves to expand our exposure to a greater audience. Not only are we changing the line-up of the podcasts on the Lazy Geeks Network, but we are expanding to other services. As we have mentioned earlier this month, we will be available on Google Play Music when they launch their podcast service and we have recently been added to the stations available on TuneIn.

We are still a very low-budget and very independent podcast. We do all our own editing and the quality of the shows get better as our knowledge of the software and recording devices improves. We have yet to make a single dime on any of these shows. We operate at a loss in regards to hosting, domain purchases, software and it is a passion of love for us.

Adding to TuneIn, which normally offers internet radio service to anyone listening, as well as podcast offerings, for free and there is a premium service as well. When we add our podcast to services like iTunes, Stitcher, Google Play and now TuneIn, it is in an event to broaden our exposure and hopefully bring in new listeners to our “strange” brand of geek content.

Over the course of the coming week, we will be tweaking the website to a new layout to support our podcasts, as well as the occasional blog entry we want to throw up on the site. As more of our attention will be going to the podcast side, we will still use the site to host our shows and various other things that spark our interest.

The news portion of the site will be focused on the daily news recap series, System Updates, which will launch on Monday, January 4th. Our long-form podcasts like Just Another Podcast, The Away Team and our newest The Cheap Seats will come out on consecutive Wednesday throughout the month. While we are giving you more spaced out long-form content, this will allow us to improve on our production value, the new daily ten-minute show will be a series that will undoubtedly change as we grow.

And for that, we will need your help. Please comment on the show. When we ask for comments, we really mean it. We ask for comments on every and any way you recent the show. Comment on iTunes, Stitcher and now on TuneIn. If you get the show through our RSS feed, please go to the website and let us know your thoughts.

You will be a big help in the coming year to help us find out what you like. We will respond to questions and we want constructive criticism. Haters will be ignored, as we ignore them in real life. 2016 is our year to make this into a show that we want. We have drifted off that train during the last five-years and we found our goals again. Help us make 2016 an awesome year.

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