The Lazy Geeks: Not So America First

It’s hard to believe that we’ve done this show three weeks in a row. That has to be some kind of record. I mean, for us. The Lazy Geeks: Not So America First has kind of an easy week. Loki director bows out of a second season, while AMC settles a long-running court trial over The Walking Dead. Trump supporters wanted to teach the libs a lesson and Spotify ain’t happy with you jacking their music.

The main story for The Lazy Geeks: Not So America First is California is going under the mask mandate again. No social distancing, but you need to wear a mask. Regardless of whether you received the vaccine or not. The major issue is majority of the population don’t want to get the vaccine. Primarily since businesses don’t require proof that you received it.

You have the media that is trying to be apologetic about people not having time to get the vaccine. Maybe they can’t take the next day off to recover from it. Are you kidding me? So many places take walk-ins. Go in and get the shot before your day off. We all still get those, right?

Shownotes for Not So America First:


New Gen-Xer Podcast drops this week

News Stories:

Loki Director Out for Season 2

The Walking Dead Lawsuit Ends

Trump Supports Planned to Bomb FB and Twitter

Spotify Blocks Users for Piracy

Featured Topic:

Mask Mandate Returns in Cali

Douchebag of the Week:

America First Rally

The Not So America First takes aims at people that don’t want to get the vaccine and the ones that wanted an event in So Cal. The only way this country will ever be what it once was, if when people get their head out of their own asses and do what’s right. Not because some knucklehead – that already took the shot – told them not to.