The Lazy Geeks: Opinions are Facts

We actually had a topic to discuss. Honestly. However, when we started talking about Pokemon and collecting, the conversation got away from us. Truth be told, this was a far better episode than the one we planned. The Lazy Geeks: Opinions are Facts covers a large swath of topics, all of which culminate in America kind of sucks right now.

The conversation started off when Steven started talking about the Pokemon Celebration collection that came out last week. His store received a rather small quantity of items, which disappeared in less than twenty-four hours. A majority of those items disappeared in an eight-hour period.

This spawned into how collecting anything is a chore. You need to be first. Bots snatch up all the items. Then, they sell it online for ridiculous prices. It forces people to re-examine whether they wish to collect these items anymore. It happens in all areas, not just Pokemon. Funko Pops, classic video games, and recently with graphic cards.

Shownotes for “Facts are Opinions”:

  • Problem with Pokemon Celebration & Collecting
  • America’s What’s in it for me?
  • The Problem with the Media
  • ‘Stealthing’ is Considered Non-Consensual in Cali
  • ‘Opinions Cancels Out Facts’ – WTF

The conversation evolves into how the media is playing people on a daily basis. The 24-hour news cycle isn’t about informing. It’s about entertainment. From Fox News and Newsmax to CNN and MSNBC. The fifteen seconds of news devolves into 45-minutes of talking heads speculating as to what will happen. It’s like watching a Reddit forum in real-time.

The Lazy Geeks: Facts are Opinions is an unusually organic episode than comes in under an hour. There was no sense in stretching an episode that was solid. Now, have a good week and we will catch you here next week. That should be a fun episode. “I am vengeance!”