The Lazy Geeks: Phantom Time Hypothesis

The OG Lazy Geeks are back! After eight episodes, the decision was made to bring it back home. Basically, we took the format of The Truly Pointless Podcast and brought it over to The Lazy Geeks. That means the other show is over, but we moved it here.  We kick it off with the Phantom Time Hypothesis.

If you listened to the announcement I released earlier on Sunday, my views had changed. A couple of weeks ago, I lost my dog. Little over two months after losing my brother. An emotional breakdown ensued, which caused me to lose interest in a lot of things. As I slowly began to see interest in returning to the shows, reading the news no longer appealed to me.

“Phantom Time Hypothesis” was being prepped for The Truly Pointless Podcast, when I decided I wanted to move this over to the flagship show. Fortunately, Adam wasn’t too particular about what it was called. Just as long as we didn’t read any news.

Shownotes for Phantom Time Hypothesis:

Spider-Man: No Way Home Trailer

Going Back to Apple

The Phantom Time Hypothesis

After a quick discussion, we are bringing back the OG show with a minor change. We kick it off with a discussion about one of Adam’s favorite conspiracy theories. One that involves the Middle Ages didn’t happen. The foundation of it, and how it is complete bullshit. It would require a global “cabal” if you will that would eliminate Mohammad from history and a dynasty from China.

It felt good bringing this to the flagship podcast. The podcast is the namesake of the blog and our oldest show. Not to mention, we have done over 400 episodes. That is not something to throw away. Yes, we should have done this eight episodes ago, but things were different. We were different. At least, we found our way home. Enjoy.