The Lazy Geeks: Physical Digital Medium

As we kick off a new week, The Lazy Geeks: Physical Digital Medium goes into the missing era of physical media. The change has been happening for nearly a decade now. However, we are starting to see a turn. As more people come of age in a digital realm, they are interested in technology of a bygone era. Not only that, but the guys also didn’t have a very exciting week.

The most exciting thing that happened in the guy’s week was they purchased pants. Adam bought some jeans, while Steven picked up some jogger style pants. Yeah, that was the highlight of the week. It is kind of sad but that’s what happens when you get older. Getting pants could be the joy of your week.

The idea for this episode was brought up by Adam. It came from his thinking of purchasing classic media. More interested in purchasing LPs and a turntable. Steven has a large collection of physical media. Classic CDs to DVDs and physical games. His thought is if the media becomes harder to locate on streaming service.

Shownotes for “Physical Digital Medium”:

Adam Bought Jeans

Digital vs Physical Media

You can already see that issue. Certain albums are not available on services like Apple Music or Spotify. Steven’s rationale is a smaller band that only released three albums. The first album was the most popular, but the second was your favorite. Try locating it on a service could be difficult.

However, with Apple Music will allow you to sync your iTunes collection which allows you to stream on the go. Within the last decade there is a generation that don’t know physical media. A renewed interest in media like LPs or VHS tapes. It isn’t simply a hipster thing anymore. Thank God!

If you find the conversation interesting, please let us know what you think. We hope you enjoy The Lazy Geeks: Physical Digital Medium and we will see you next week.

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