The Lazy Geeks #213: Feels Like Starting Over

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The guys are back with an all-new, all-different Lazy Geeks Podcast. They are back discussing the coolest news stories of the past week and expressing their opinions of them. This week: new Captain America Trailer, EverQuest Next is history, first Battlefront premium expansion announced, Fables Legends cancelled and a discussion about DC possibly removing the Killing Joke from their canon.



Random Roundtable


Reason for the reboot

Just Recently Got an iPad Air 2




Steven: Captain America: Civil War Trailer


Adam: Daybreak Cancels EverQuest Next


Steven: Star Wars: Battlefront First Premium Expansion Announced


Adam: Microsoft cancels Fable Legends, possible Lionhead Studios Closure 


Discussion Topic


The Killing Joke Out of New 52 Continuity?



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