The Lazy Geeks Podcast #196: We Can Leave It Out

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The guys are back with their weekly news show! This week the guys talk about them both getting Xbox One this week, as well as talking about Samsung doing some shady things with their Windows Updates for their laptops.

Topics of the week: New Spider-Man cast, Independence Day 2 gets a title, new PS4 coming, Mario Maker gets some love, DC Comics Comic-Con plans, Confederate flag gets ripped up, verdict with Windows 10 users and SpaceX can’t catch a break. We talk about some people we lost this week.


We gots them Xbox One doe

Samsung Doing Sketchy Things


News –

Movie/TV News

Steve: New Spider-Man Cast

Adam: Independence Day 2 Gets a Name


Gaming News

Steve: PS4 Gets 1TB

Adam: Mario Maker Coming with 100 Levels


Comic News

Steve: DC Announces Comic-Con Plans

Adam: Southern Bastards Variant Cover Rips Up Confederate flag


Technology News

Steve: Testers Gets Windows 10

Adam: SpaceX Can’t catch a Break


James Horner, Dick Van Patten and Patrick MacNee



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