The Lazy Geeks #214: The Non-Committal Committal

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The guys are back with an all-new, all-different Lazy Geeks Podcast. They are back discussing the coolest news stories of the past week and expressing their opinions of them. This week: Xbox begins their spring sale, Indy 5 is coming whether you want it or not, Batman v Superman advance tickets are selling big, Sony announces their new VR system, Dell’s new Linux laptop strategy, the big two are coming back for The Killing Joke, Schoolgirl Gate is a thing and the whole cross-platform thing.



Random Roundtable


Enjoyed the new week format

Xbox Spring Sale Begins

Indiana Jones 5 is Happening

BvS Outselling in Advance Ticket Sales





Steven: Sony Announces PlayStation VR


Adam: Dell’s new Linux Laptop Strategy


Steven: Hamill and Conroy Returning For The Killing Joke


Adam: Microsoft’s Scoolgirl-Gate


Discussion Topic


Microsoft Announces Cross-Platform Play and Sony Responds and then there’s this one





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