The Lazy Geeks #207: The Future Is Now

The guys are back! We are now in the future and discuss the Back to the Future day events and the latest Star Wars trailer and ticket grab. The guys discuss everything from the announcement of the Marvel Phase Two set through the release of the Jessica Jones trailer. You can check it out by listening and you can see the stories in the links below. Enjoy.

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Opening Story/Random –

Back to the Future Day! – Rewatched the trilogy

Got My Star Wars Tickets


Take My Money Section

Marvel Cinematic Universe Phase Two Box

USA Today Selling Back to the Future Front Page Online

Deals of the Week

News –


Topic #1

Steve: Sherlock Special Gets Date

Adam: 343 Clarifies Halo 5 on PC Comments


Topic #2

Steve: Full Jessica Jones Trailer Released

Adam: Ukrainians Turn Lenin Statue into Darth Vader


Topic #3

Steve: Community Lost Lots Of Money On Community

Adam: Batman: Arkham Knight Returns to PC Next Week


Topic #4

Steve: Sony Adds Wish List Functionality

Adam: High Powered Version of the PS4 “hypothetically” Could Happen



Now it is time for a section, we like to call Douchebags of the Week:

Steven’s Choice: Man Arrested For DUI In Motorized Wheelchair

Adam’s Choice: Man Tries to Put out Fire By Driving a Car full of Ammunition over it.



Music – Kevin MacLeod



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