The Lazy Geeks #293: The Lies We Share

The Lazy Geeks Podcast releases their final episode of the month. They will be taking next week off for a small vacation but will be back the Monday after Easter. Steven and Adam discuss some of the more popular music while they were in high school. Keep in mind, we are discussing about a decade apart. So they have vastly different music.


The guys discuss the passing of Stephen Hawking, and the hole he leaves behind. They gush over the release of the final Avengers: Infinity War trailer, while Sherlock fans may not be treated to a fifth series after all. EA is finally distancing itself from the loot crate debacle, while Elite paid a special tribute to Hawking. The Joker plans to crash the Caped Crusader’s wedding in Batman, and Gail Simone is writing a miniseries for Plastic Man.

Not surprising, a study from MIT reveals that bots aren’t the problem regarding “fake news”. People are the problem. They found some interesting details in regard to where these news reports come from and how high a majority of people would share it on social media. This is something we have firmly believed for so long, now we have some confirmation in our belief. Enjoy “The Lies We Share” and will see you in April. 

Here are the links for this week:

Opening Topic/Housekeeping/Follow-up Stories:

Stephen Hawking Passes

Black Panther Still Going Strong



Steven: Avengers: Infinity War Trailer

Adam: Sorry Sherlock Fanboys, but you’re Ruining it for Us All



Steven: Battlefront II Losing Loot Crates

Adam: Elite: Dangerous Stages a Tribute to Stephen Hawking



Steven: The Joker Crashes Batman’s Wedding

Adam: Gail Simone Heading Up Plastic Man Miniseries



Steven: YouTube Kids Exposing Kids to Conspiracy Theories

Adam: Facebook Getting Destroyed after Botching the Handling of a Massive Data ‘breach’


Main Story:

People Share More Lies Than Truth


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: The Walking Dead

Adam: Elsa in Boston, Saving LIVES



“There It Is”, “NewsSting”, “Rocket” – Kevin MacLeod (

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