The Lazy Geeks #310: Very Biblical

This week’s episode of The Lazy Geeks Podcast has the guys getting a little biblical. Maybe a bit offensive, but they honestly don’t care. As promised, the donation link is live and they go through PayPal. Steven explains the quick process and gives a shout out to their first donator.


The guys discuss why you can’t believe everything you read on the internet, and why Skyscraper sucked. MoviePass is all about the bad press, Disney doubling down on James Gunn firing, Facebook in more trouble, Fallout 76 bypasses Steam, Google can still find you, and a whole lot more. So check it out.

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Here are the Shownotes for the rest of the episode:


Donation Link is Live

Could Lead to a Patreon


Random Roundtable:

Marine Vet Not A Huge As We Hoped




Steven: MoviePass All Sorts of Fucked Up

Adam: New Patent Suggests Multiuser Support for Siri

Steven: Disney Will Not Bring Back James Gunn

Adam: The US Government Alleges Facebook Enabled Housing Ad Discrimination

Steven: Bethesda Will Bypass Steam

Adam: ‘Dark Nights: Metal’ Has Major Impact on Tom King’s ‘Batman’ Moving Forward

Steven: Twitter Needs to Figure Out Its Outrage

Adam: Netflix Deletes all User Reviews

Steven: Google Can Still Find You

Adam: Amazon Appears to Have Discontinued the Kindle Voyage


What the Actual Fuck! (WTAF):

Steven: Yeah, Because That Will Work

Adam: Out of all the Food Choices……



“There It Is”, “NewsSting”, “Home Base Groove”, and “Loping Sting” – Kevin MacLeod (

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