The Lazy Geeks Podcast #41: Say What Again

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Another week and a brand new podcast is waiting to bless your lives. Say What Again has an eclectic assortment of topics this week. Nomad and Sapien discuss the closing of Arizona’s Atomic Comics. Nomad has a bone to pick with iTunes and pre-orders for Thor. Sapien says Microsoft isn’t done in Japan and tries to explain why The Old Republic will have limited copies.

Nomad wonders what will happen with Apple now that Steve Jobs resigns, while Sapien speculates on whether gaming is dead or not. They have douchebags of the week and epic person, even some site comments. Of course, they didn’t forget news release news on Netflix, comics, games, movies, and DVDs. They even took time to recommend stuff for you too.

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Music By: Kevin MacLeod

Opening: The Boondocks

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