The Lazy Geeks Podcast is Returning

Back in March, we ended our long-running The Lazy Geeks podcast. Why? It was because we were both getting a bit tired of it. So, it may seem odd that we’re bringing it back. Well, sort of. The reasoning behind its return are varied. In short, what I’m trying to say is that The Lazy Geeks podcast is returning. Let’s get into the reasons behind that decision.

It’s about branding.

One of the decisions behind it was about branding. The concept is too good to let go. Now, I was attempting to do a daily news show, which was going to become weekly. After some thought, it became clear why would we do a new show when we have an existing channel? Why not bring it back with a bit of a tweak?

The tweak is that it will only be me, and it will be shorter. Since Adam won’t be on this version, I will run solo. Although, I am not opposed to having a new co-host for the show. But, if someone comes along that is solid, I will definitely take that person on.

Why start over?

We have a podcast that ran 400 episodes. It has existing channels. People are still listening to the back catalog. The concept of starting from scratch was a bit disconcerting. I wouldn’t have to try and get new listeners. Just plug back into the old slot and try expanding on it.

In the end, it was just a reason of not having to start over.

It will help the site transition.

While we will still be doing news, it will move into the facts of the stories. I will be more selective about the stories I choose. Give you the story but get into it and why its more important (or not) than the online media would have you think.

The Lazy Geeks podcast will, also, focus on some things that are going on blog wise. Talk about some of the stories or non-news content from the site. Our plans. I think it would be a good way to expand listenership. And possibly get them to check out the blog.

The series will begin on Monday. Join me and see what all the buzz is about.