The Lazy Geeks Podcast Rewind: I’m Peter Graves

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As The Lazy Geeks Podcast mentioned last week, they took the weekend off to enjoy the Thanksgiving holiday. However, we could not deprive you of the benefit of listening to us for a full week. This episode is a bit odd. Well, it is two episodes in one cut. Confused? Good.

This week’s Rewind entry is two episodes in one single recording. I am not sure why. So, the first 45 minutes of the recording was designed to be a mid-week entry. Basically, our very first minisode. Apparently, it was designed to be us just talking about whatever. I guess you could say an early version of what would be “Just Another Podcast”.

After that, it was the regular episode of the week. There is a question as to whether I released this or not. Since I could not find the completed episodes. So, the decision was made to release it as one complete “new” episode. I hope you enjoy this rewind and we will be back on Friday with our final “Just Another Podcast” of the year. So, check it out and let us know what you think in the comments. Do you like the Rewinds or would you rather not get any content? Let us know.


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