The Lazy Geeks: PS5 Collection Saga

As we go into our season finale, The Lazy Geeks will be taking a break to come back during the week of our first podcast. While it would be season eleven, it would be the tenth anniversary of this show. We are excited (and surprised) that we made it this long. Of course, we decided to close out our season with The Lazy Geeks: PS5 Collection Saga.

One of our special announcements is that we are now available on Amazon Music. The service launched a podcast section for their free and premium users. All three of our shows are available on the service currently. Also, you will start noticing our back catalogue will begin showing up on our feed. Since we decided to resume our legacy numbering, it seemed only fair to begin uploading our past 300+ episodes. This episode will mark it as 381.

With less than twenty episodes away from 400, this was as perfect time as any to begin. With our season finale, there will be a two week break. Perfect time to listen to some of our back episodes, which starts with our last episode of 2019. Upon looking back, it seemed like a simpler time. Just debunking clickbait news and making fun of Flat Earthers and anti-vaxxers.

So, enjoy The Lazy Geeks: PS5 Collection Saga as we discuss all the Sony, Apple, and DC news from the past week. See you on October 12, 2020.



Freemasons Get too Much Credit

Our Season Finale

Our shows are on Amazon Music

iOS 14 Update


Steven: She-Hulk Finds its Jennifer Waters

Adam: Apple Announcement Breakdown

Steven: Nintendo Discontinues its 3DS Family

Adam: TikTok/WeChat Ban Averted… For Now

Steven: Roku Gets Peacock and CBS All Access Rebrands

Adam: DC Universe Becoming Comic Only

Discussion Topic:

Sony PlayStation Announcement

Xbox Confirmed Launch Titles

PS5 Confirmed Launch Titles

One Last Thing:

Of Course, ANTIFA Started Fires in Oregon

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