The Lazy Geeks Rebranding Begins Now

Since we ended The Lazy Geeks podcast back in March, the construct of the brand became shaky. The construct of the blog was based around the main podcast and some news stories that would associate with the show. Over the last month, I began to think about how the blog and the brand should be perceived going forward. Starting today, The Lazy Geeks rebranding has begun.

As you have noticed, the blog is featuring our podcasts. As we have three running shows, there are a few more on the way. However, the blog will begin to feature more original content, as well as some news. However, not simply reporting the news but breaking it down. Which means, less news and more selective pieces that will affect more people.

One of the biggest takeaways from The Lazy Geeks rebranding is that we need to find our niche. Something we’ve always said is that we do things on the cheap. This is true. And still is. Now, it isn’t that we are being cheap, but more selective about what we use.

What does that mean for The Lazy Geeks rebranding?

We will offer more reviews. Certain content that requires little to no money. Are they worth it? More reviews in films, television, and comics. Of course, some news but more selective pieces. Tired of just saying “this happened”.

Now, The Lazy Geeks podcast will be returning in a variation of what it once was. As reporting the news was becoming a grind for Adam, I was looking for a way to use that feed for the blogs new direction. Yes, we still have The Truly Pointless Podcast, which is what Adam really wanted.

However, the new The Lazy Geeks will take over the spot that I originally created The Lazy Geeks Newsfeed to habit. Starting Monday, May 10, The Lazy Geeks podcast will return as a solo project for me. Yes, it will cover some of the more interesting news stories of the past week. Focus on one of our featured stories of the week and a douchebag. Obviously, it won’t run two hours. Looking to run no longer than 30 minutes. Unless I have a guest join me.

Finally, announcing our new shows.

The two new shows we have been planning will arrive in July. Both shows will be bi-weekly. They will have alternating schedules. The Gaming Graveyard is a gaming podcast that will focus on older/retro games that we have started playing. Some history of the game and our experiences with it.

The other will be tentatively Project Cinephile (it may change later), which will be a movie review podcast. Adam and I will review movies and discuss them in a fun and positive way. We will have themes, series, and other types of series within it. We already have a Google Sheets with some movies. Actually, it has a lot.

Also, our YouTube channel is being dusted off. Our podcasts are coming back to the channel, including the new ones. Looking to do some YouTube reviews of some of the pieces I throw up on the blog. This is kind of exciting and should be fun. After a decade, we have finally found our niche and direction. We want to feature all of our podcasts, which we are diving more into.

We hope you will join us for this new directional shift for us. Remember, we’re thinking so you don’t have to.