The Lazy Geeks Return Has Begun

Early in June, we officially announced that we were taking a bit of a break. That was the official announcement. Before that, our last post was on May 30, 2021 with that tribute to John. Before that, our last recorded content was on May 24. What I’m trying to say is that it has been a while. What I’m really trying to say is that our slow return has begun. The Lazy Geeks return has begun. My return has begun.

For context, yesterday, we had services for my brother. I believe it’s time to turn the page and start moving forward. Not to be a dick, but for the last month – I haven’t known what to do with myself. After his passing, I knew that I needed to take some time to mourn. Adam came by to see me through, which was a cool two weeks. Then, I had two weeks alone. Which I needed. I have always had someone else in the house and it was taking some getting used to.

The Lazy Geeks Return will be Slow.

The week John was in the hospital, and after he died, I was busy. I was alone at night, but it was barely noticeable. Then Adam was here for two weeks. It had been two weeks alone. Trying to create a new routine. Not just for myself, but for our pets.

Having nothing on the side to do, I realized that I do need a distraction. Maybe not a distraction, but more like tasks. Keep my mind on being creative. Once I allow myself to be alone with my thoughts, things start to happen. Depression fills my mind and heart. Then I don’t get out of bed until 2, which happened a couple of time. But, no more.

Getting back to work doesn’t mean I don’t still miss him.

I waited until the service before I thought I should go back. Why? There are emotions there, getting things for the funeral and final things would’ve been distracting. Saying goodbye and dealing with my emotions, I could return having closed the book. I mean, he’s my big brother. I will miss him.

There are still things that I see that reminds me of him. He was looking forward to watching Loki, Black Widow, and watching Star Trek without him still hurts. But that is part of moving forward.

I want to thank you guys for sticking with us during this time. As far as podcasts go, we will start coming back in August. I ended The Fine Line and will drop my new The Gen-Xer podcasts during that time. The two new shows will be pushed back until October – our anniversary month. Most likely. There is still a bit of planning that needs to happen.

What I’m trying to say is – The Lazy Geeks return. Slowly, but we are coming back.