The Lazy Geeks: So Much for Fleets

We are back with our final episode of the month. Was it my imagination, or was July a long month? I mean, it felt like a long month even though it seemed like yesterday was the fourth of July. There are some changes for the show going forward. Nothing major, but we are ditching the main topic for the time being. The Lazy Geeks: So Much for Fleets was be only a news show and our douchebag. Can’t ditch that one.

Also, it’s official: I am looking for a co-host for this series. Adam is officially done with the news show and I would like to reboot it. Yet again. However, I would like to find someone that likes to talk about the news of the week. If you would like to be a part of this unpaid job, just send us a demo that you think would be in the show.

If, or when, I find a co-host, that is when we will bring back the main topic. Someone should have a diverse array of interests. Doesn’t have to like all, but have some areas that they can discuss. You can send your demo to

Shownotes for The Lazy Geeks: So Much for Fleets:


Remind Gen-Xer Podcast is out

Going Back to Reporting More News

Ditching Main Topics… for Now

News Stories:

DNS Issue Took Down Most of the Internet

NFL Team Will Forfeit Due to Unvaccinated Player

YouTube Super Thanks Feature Begins Beta Rollout

PS5 Owners Get Free Trial of Apple TV Plus

Apple Music Lossless Audio Rolled Out to Android

Rumor: Kingpin to be in Hawkeye Series

Douchebag of the Week:

Twitter’s Fleets

Hope you enjoy this episode of The Lazy Geeks: So Much for Fleets. Next week, be ready for the return of The Truly Pointless Podcast and The Away Team. You could say, we are getting back to normal.