The Lazy Geeks: Superman Made Me Gay

Happy day after Halloween! Happy first day of the upcoming holiday season. This the usual time of year when everything speeds up. Next thing you know, you’re lying on the couch barely able to keep you r eyes open to watch the ball drop us into 2022. The Lazy Geeks: Superman Made Me Gay will hope to slow that down for even just an hour.

The first half of the episode is devoted to a very upset comic book colorist that is upset with the whole new Superman comic. He’s upset with two things: Superman is now bisexual and “the American way” isn’t his mantra anymore. I know, most people don’t give a shit about this. Hell, even people that read the comic don’t give a shit. Why? Because they know something the people complaining don’t: they actually read the comic.

Superman Made Me Gay
Noooooo! Clark is woke! Wait…?

Superman isn’t Clark Kent. It’s not Kal-El. It hasn’t been for a while. The new Superman is Jonathan Kent, son of Clark and Lois. Clark is off world doing his thing. Jonathan was chosen to stay on Earth and take up his mantle. Protect the planet while Dad’s away. That’s why neither this dude’s outrage (or any conservative) means shit.

Shownotes for “Superman Made Me Gay”:

Someone’s Upset About the new Superman

Steven Flexing with Apple

On the flip side, Steven is flexing his new iPhone. He received the iPhone 13 Pro, while Adam is on a wait list for the Pro Max. Both guys have made the jump from Android to Apple in full this time. Yeah, they both switched for a time over the last two years. Realizing they were suffering from FOMO, they decided which way to lean on.

Samsung is putting too much bloatware on their devices. Even forcing people to have Facebook on their devices. Apple is just better with their privacy concerns, which is what Google hates. However, some Google apps work well on iOS.

Enjoy this edition of The Lazy Geeks: Superman Made Me Gay. Don’t forget to listen to the other podcasts available on The Lazy Geeks Network and we will see you here next week.