The Lazy Geeks: That’s Just Funny

We have made it to the first week in August. Just another month and we will have reached the end of summer. The season hasn’t held much fun for me. But we are pushing forward like only one can. This week’s episode finds Scarlett Johansson suing Disney over the release of Black Widow. The Lazy Geeks: That’s Just Funny explains why this is a big deal. Why she would be pissed.

Big Doctor Who news! Jodie Whitaker is leaving the series after three seasons. That isn’t unusual, regardless of what the internet says. Many Doctors have only lasted three seasons. Whitaker’s run will follow the run of David Tennant. Don’t let the internet tell you otherwise.

If you listen to Joe Rogan, first off, why? If some of the stuff he says upsets you, don’t expect Spotify to do anything about it. Spotify CEO uses a rather shitty example of their limit of editorial control. It is explained in the show, but Spotify could if they wanted to. But they don’t. I don’t blame them, actually. He is their cash cow.  Spotify needs him more than he needs Spotify.

Shownotes for “That’s Just Funny”:


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News Stories:

Scarlett Johansson Sues Disney

Jodie Whitaker Leaving Doctor Who

Marvel’s Hawkeye Gets A Release Date

Older Kindles Will Lose Internet Access

Batman Unburied Casts Bruce Wayne

Joe Rogan Can Do What He Wants on Spotify

Douchebag of the Week:

This Man’s Prayer Group

Lastly, my douchebag of the week is funny. A boomer that took pictures of himself at the Capitol riots and got turned in. By his own prayer group. You can say that not all Christians believe what he does. It’s just funny that they won’t take a vaccine because it could track them. Yet, the device they use actually does. Enjoy That’s Just Funny, and we’ll see you next week.