The Lazy Geeks: The Hope That Kills You

After over a month, The Lazy Geeks is back with “The Hope That Kills You”. Not a particularly uplifting title for my first episode back, but who cares. I’ve spent the last month grieving over the passing of my brother. Last Saturday, we laid him to rest. Now, it’s time to get back into the swing of things and do this for him.

There are some changes coming to the network this month and into August. Primarily, The Fine Line is over. So many things have happened during my two seasons of recording them, I just gave up. However, it gave me a new concept of a show and it’s not to recite history. But, more on that later. Still have yet to record the first episode, but it will debut later this month.

The main crux of “The Hope That Kills You” is what is coming out with Windows 11. Aesthetically, the desktop is going to look more like a Mac OS. Which isn’t a bad thing. People have been modding theirs to look like it for years. They do have a cleaner layout. However, after the pandemic, it is designed with more of a “work from home” mindset. Who knows, if the Delta Variant gets outta hand, we may have to do that again.

Shownotes for “The Hope That Kills You”:


We’re Back!

Some Changes for the Network

News Stories:

WD My Book Exploits

AT&T Joining Google RCS Messages App

Judge Blocks Florida’s Social Media Law

Featured Topic:

Microsoft’s Windows 11

Douchebag of the Week:

Don’t Go to Facebook for Government Information –

Hope you enjoyed my first episode (anywhere) back. It was fun to get back into the swing of things. The shows with Adam will come out in August, so things will get crazy then. Let me know what you thought of “The Hope That Kills You” in the comments. Also, if you wanna help out my GoFundMe, the link is still available to the right.