The Lazy Geeks: The Internet Explorer of Life

Bet you thought we weren’t throwing up another episode. Well, like last week, Adam had to delay recording for a day. Father’s Day and all. His kids decided to do something nice for the guy. I didn’t mind so much. “The Internet Explorer of Life” is kind of all over the place.

It starts off with me watching reaction videos. I don’t know why I have been lately. YouTube’s algorithm has been dealing me funky shit lately. Most of them have been younger people. I say people because not all of them are kids. In older person terms, all younger people are kids. Nevertheless, these “kids” have been watching older content.  

Many are watching older movies or television shows. It makes me wonder how much they are actually getting it. I mean that about specific references for people that grew up in that time period. Shows like Friends, Golden Girls, or even I Love Lucy. Although, it is awesome that the older content isn’t falling away. I knew a 20-year-old kids that loved both Frasier and Barney Miller. Talk about out there.

In all honestly, I love those shows too.

Shownotes for “The Internet Explorer of Life”:

Reacting to Reaction Videos

Rumor: Ezra Miller Replaced After The Flash Movie

Obi-Wan Kenobi: Episode 5

RIP: Internet Explorer

We talk about how badass the most recent episode of Obi-Wan Kenobi was. How much cooler Darth Vader is post-Skywalker saga. Also, Ezra Miller needs help. He’s losing The Flash franchise because the guy has lost it. It’s not even funny anymore. It is becoming quite sad.

Enjoy this week’s episode of The Lazy Geeks: The Internet Explorer of Life. Hopefully, next week’s episode will be right on time. Since there is no holiday, things should be okay. See you next time and live well.


Funkorama by Kevin MacLeod



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