The Lazy Geeks: The Right Echo Chamber

From the sweltering heat of the west coast of the US, The Lazy Geeks: The Right Echo Chamber is attempting to cool you off. Unless you’re on the east coast, in which case you’re drowning. Not making a joke about it, that’s just the way it is.  

The main topic this week is what’s with conservative social media? Since the advent of Parler, security isn’t the biggest thing on their mind. I mean, aside from building it with other people’s money, they don’t do much with it. Moderation. Security. User’s info ending up on the web. It’s like, is it a grift? Do they even think about making money off it?

Gettr is the latest conservative social media contraption that has been co-opted by the worst of the worst. Sonic the Hedgehog porn, security leaks, and a few other things. It’s almost like they are not even trying, which I do have a theory about. And I go into length on it.

Shownotes for The Right Echo Chamber:


The Gen-Xer Dropping Next Week

Begin Recording New Episodes Next Week

News Stories:

OnePlus Throttles Apps on Their Own Devices

PrintNightmare Gets Emergency Patch

Is Audacity Becoming Spyware?

White Supremacists Chased in Philly

Featured Topic:

What’s Wrong with Conservative Social Media?

Douchebag of the Week:

Sen. Blackburn on Taylor Swift

Starting next week, The Truly Pointless Podcast and The Away Team begin recording new episode for our August release. We’re trying to have a two-week buffer, in case shit happens. The Right Echo Chamber sounds like a lot of bad news, but it isn’t. Especially when you get to the white supremacist run out of Philly. That shit is funny.

Hope you enjoy this week’s episode. The Gen-Xer Podcast will be coming out next Wednesday. Doing the same thing. Getting, at least, a two-week head start. See you next week.