The Lazy Geeks: The Windows XP Edition

It would appear that we have officially become boomers. The conversation starts off simply enough with Adam rolling back to Windows 10. He hates Windows 11 for one particular thing. It’s a minute thing, but important to him, nonetheless. Of course, this begin a conversation about the shitty things Microsoft has done to their operating system after Windows 7. Yeah, it’s that conversation. Hence, “The Windows XP Edition”.

We move onto Adam’s reaction to the Black Adam trailer. He is excited for it, but I had to pour cold water on it. Of course, I only mean this in jest. However, neither of us are happy with the Joker sequel. That is simply because neither of us liked the original movie. It created a fictional story on a character that never was supposed to have an origin story.

Yes, there was The Killing Joke, but the character was always lying about his origin. It was a prime focus on Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight Returns. You remember those scenes when he kept asking people “if they wanted to know how” he got those scars. The story changed every time. Everyone called it amazing, even though Todd Philips ripped off every movie from the seventies, but originality is a bullshit concept, right?

I think he peaked with the original Hangover movie.

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We’re Boomers Now

Someone needs to do a welfare check on Ezra Miller. That dude is going down the wrong path quickly. It’s giving Warner Bros. a rough time to promote The Flash movie. That isn’t event counting his role in the new Harry Potter films.  Mostly because of this new protective order that they can’t find him to give.

Enjoy The Lazy Geeks: The Windows XP Edition. It was a slow week, so there wasn’t much to talk about. Don’t worry though, we managed to come up with something.

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