The Lazy Geeks: These Were The Voyages

The end is finally upon us. Since we announced the end of the show back in episode 390, it was ten weeks for us to get here but felt kind of forever ago. The Lazy Geeks: These Were the Voyages marks our final episode of this long-running podcast. We have ended the show in the past, only to come back but this time – it’s over.

When we started this podcast back in 2010, our goal was to take a lot of the clickbate clutter out of these stories. Sites often embellish stories for hype and click factor. Over the last few years, it seemed to have gotten worse and our voices were screaming against the wind. We ended the podcast in 2015 to do daily news minisodes. That lasted a couple of month and we missed the old way.

Halfway through 2019, we ended the show due to financial issues. Since there was no money to maintain our paid hosting service, we had to end it. However, when we came across Anchor, and their free host, it was our way to return. With one major caveat: end it when it becomes tedious. Early in 2021, it was feeling that way.

Shownotes for These Were The Voyages:


Steven: Acer Hit with Ransomware Attack

Adam: EA Play Comes to PC Xbox Game Pass

Steven: HBO Max Will Count Towards AT&T Data Cap

Adam: Coca-Cola is Launching Vending Machine Subscriptions in Japan

Discussion Topic:

Zack Snyder’s Justice League

& The Falcon and the Winter Soldier

Douchebags of the Week:

Steven: House Republicans

Adam: Kylie Jenner

Social Media Idiots:

Fox News Wants Gen X to Fight Cancel Culture

However, we were having fun doing our The Truly Pointless Podcast and The Away Team. TTPP started back in October and was simply recording the warm-up we have before we start the main show. The free and open stream of consciousness aspect was very fun. Mostly, it’s about Adam ranting about shit going on in his life.

The Away Team started nearly a year ago in April. We are hitting our fiftieth episode when we return. Both shows are fun and keep us entertained. Those shows we felt like continuing. Obviously, TTPP will evolve to probably include some news or thoughts on things. It will be easier to discuss without having to remember not to talk about it since we’ll be discussing it on this one.

So we aren’t going anywhere.

We have two new shows that we will start recording this summer and they will go on a bi-weekly release. And, the second season of The Fine Line will drop in April, which will be on a bi-weekly basis, as well. This allows us to focus on more than one show without having to short-change its content. Planning out the next two seasons of The Fine Line, it will run until March of 2022. That is crazy. Never planned out something so far in advance.

As we close out the final episode of The Lazy Geeks: These were the Voyages, it was fun. It was our first venture into podcasting and those old episodes will bear that out. It was fun to have people listening to our thoughts on news in geek and pop culture. In the end, if it begins to feel like work, it’s time to move on. These episodes will remain up until we decide to take them down. Ten years’ worth of content.

We hope you enjoy The Lazy Geeks: These Were the Voyages. Hope to see you all on one of our new shows. Until then, see you on the interwebs.