The Lazy Geeks: We’re Mild Vengeance

This will definitely raise some eyebrows. The Lazy Geeks: We’re Mild Vengeance covers a lot of different topics. Starting off innocently enough with The Batman trailer and then moving right into the controversy regarding Dave Chappelle and his newest special.

The controversy surrounding the Chappelle special is around what is considered hate speech. Comedians use to make observations. Speak from there point of view. Some jokes would have a punchline. While others would make you think and inevitably laugh.

Many in the LGTBQ community has considered his special hate speech and promoting violence. Which is factually untrue. For those of you that watched the special, he does not go out of his way to proclaim violence on the community. He is discussing his interaction with the community. If you take the triggering out of it, you can see why his view is a bit skewed.

Shownotes for “We’re Mild Vengeance”:

New Batman Trailer

Dave Chapelle Controversy

Cancel Culture

We’re Mild Vengeance doesn’t say that Chappelle’s views are right or wrong. Within our context, we are saying that he touches on subjects like this, its observational. This brings us to cancel culture. Some have even accused Chappelle of using his “white privilege” to get around being banned.

The caveat that we see is how is the LGTBQ community going to go up against the black community and claim they have been more persecuted? How can anyone like that say they’ve been treated worse than the African American community?

We’re Mild Vengeance isn’t about taking sides. It is about seeing the issue without a horse in the race. The LGTBQ has made more strides for inclusion in a few decades than African Americans have made in centuries. That isn’t bias. That is simply fact. Not to mention, people can have different ideologies. But no one should be banned for it. Unless you advocate for violence. Like some in the alt-right.