The Next Apple iPad Will Be The Same As Others

A new report from Macotakara (via Apple Insider) says that Apple likely isn’t going to change up its next iPad, noting that it will likely keep the same enclosure and will retain Touch ID and a headphone jack. Which is good for people that may want to change/upgrade their current iPad without having to change all the peripherals.

The report comes from a supplier, which says that the screen size hasn’t been determined, but that it could be bumped up to a 10-inch size. The supplier also notes that this year’s model could be announced alongside an update to the iPad Mini, which has also been rumored to look pretty much like the prior version.

iPads have generally been the same since their launch. Much of it is due to their slower growth technologically. Unlike iPhones, the demand for tablets has slowed, even more so than the iPhones. Especially since they are pouring more development into their iPad Pro, which has been geared more toward professional. Or, gamers, which is just a silly angle.

When it was released last year, the basic iPad wasn’t a radical change from its predecessor — it featured a 9.7 inch screen size, had Touch ID, cameras, an updated processor, and added support for the Apple Pencil.

One additional reason for the reluctance of further developing the basic iPad, is that it allows a lower price point that more people can afford. Given that iPad/tablets are less likely to be upgraded at a steady rate as say an iPhone.

On a personal note, I have had am iPad for three years and it works perfectly. I would upgrade my phone before I would upgrade my iPad. As people are slowly realizing that mobile devices don’t need to be upgraded yearly, many companies are focusing on other products for their base to purchase. Like a TV streaming service.

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