The Truly Pointless Podcast: 1776

It has been a long time. Over two months since we released a new episode. Thankfully, Adam had given me time to mourn and decide if I still wanted to do this. Yes, I had been doing my solo podcasts, but I did those to see if the fire was still there. Fortunately, it was. So, we bring you The Truly Pointless Podcast: 1776 as our first episode back.

I speak about my bizarre (non-sex) dream involving Arianna Grande. Yes, it wasn’t a sex dream. I am shocked as anyone else. This isn’t new. I’ve had dreams with sex symbols, and they didn’t contain anything sexual. So, it was a truly bizarre experience.

At this particular point, we are two weeks behind. We started recording this episode in mid-July to allow for some flexibility. If we miss a week, we can reschedule, since the current week was completed two weeks ago. We just finished our third episode back. They are some good stuff to stick around.

Topics Touched On “1776”:

My Dream with Arianna

Heat is No Joke (Freddy Krueger Death’s)

Space Jam/Hollywood

Deadpool and Korg React to “Free Guy”

Steam Deck, and the Switch Pro that Wasn’t

PlayStation Now is dope, and how PC gaming is going to be king at the end of this

Copy of Super Mario 64 goes for $1.56 Million

1776 is not an anti-Trump episode. It was simply our attempt to over-exaggerate conservative outrage. Using MAGA-hatters choice for patriotism. We honestly don’t give a damn if it offends you. If it does, you need to relax more. Maybe even get laid once in a while.

Be sure to tune into next week’s episode, “Harambe”. For now, enjoy The Truly Pointless Podcast: 1776. And we will see you all next week. At the same bat-time. On the same bat-channel.