The Truly Pointless Podcast: Back of the Line Chief

This week of The Truly Pointless Podcast covers an array of topics. “Back of the Line Chief” gets into the concept of old television shows resurging in modern teens. Shows like The Office, Friends, Golden Girls are finding a new life in a new generation of kids that never saw it before. Why? Well, it has a lot to do with these show being offered on streaming services.

Now, this never happens among us but one of us got banned. Okay, Adam was banned from EA for the use of racial slurs and harassment of other players. Well, he wasn’t banned himself. His login information was given to a son’s friend, and that is how he was banned. Not to mention, it shines a major light on his kid’s friend.

“Back of the Line Chief” dips into the hilarious kink of stepsibling porn. We are not attempting to kink shame anyone. Everyone has their own thing, but the concept is hilarious in porn. Not that it’s gross, just the way they do it in porn is so fucking hilarious. The guys get a kick off of how bad it is.

Topics Touched On “Back of the Line Chief”:

Streaming old TV Shows

Banned by EA

Working Introverts

Step-Sibling Porn

Obnoxious Chauvinism

Retail Stories

The guys dip into other topics like introverts that attempt to work in extrovert professions. Being timid and quiet isn’t a good mix if you plan to work in retail. Chauvinism isn’t something new in this world, but it seems to be more obnoxious than it ever was. Plus, the concept of “no such thing as toxic masculinity” is a false, and often misunderstood, construct. Then the guys dip into their old retail stories.

We hope you enjoy this week’s episode. We will be back with an actual topic for our next show. A conspiracy theory that Adam really wants to talk about. We will see you then.