The Truly Pointless Podcast: Bamboo Ballots

In this week’s latest episode of The Truly Pointless Podcast: Bamboo Ballots, the guys are kid of all over the place. Obviously, Steven wanted to discuss those voting audits in Arizona. However, Adam seems to have a bit more faith in his local government than many other people do. In case you missed it (either on purpose or accidentally), Republicans that aren’t over Trump’s loss are looking for a “rigged election”.

Using a company that has never done an election audit before, they are looking for watermarks. Why? Because Trump said “real” ballots have watermarks in them. For informational purposes, ballots don’t have watermarks on them regardless of what camera you use. Bamboo Ballots, which is our title, comes from the idea that the fraudulent ballots are made of bamboo. Why? Because those Biden ballots were flown in from China. Oh, did I mention they have no fingerprints?

Because they were supposedly made by machine, ergo they have no finger prints. According to Adam, Maricopa County, which he lives, is turning blue. He believes that the Democrats will be able to stop and new law like Florida or Texas has. But concedes that there isn’t anything he can do. Hopes they will be able to stop them. He has more faith in his elected officials than I have.

Topics Touched On “Bamboo Ballots”:

Adam is eating healthy

The new black Superman

What is going on in Arizona?


Service Industry

The Old American Dream

Kurt Cobain

They touch on the media’s push about the service industry finding workers. Pushing the conservative narrative that the unemployment is keeping them away. Both having worked shit jobs, have a different point of view. Also, is the old fashioned “American Dream” construct dead? The guys have views on the old “work hard and make money” concept may be a bit outdated.

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