The Truly Pointless Podcast: Better 5G Service Now

We are back with our regularly scheduled episode. Last week, our episode was released on time, but we recorded it on the Wednesday before. That was because Adam was moving that weekend. Now, “Better 5G Service Now” was recorded on our usual Sunday. One major thing happened: we both got our first shot of the Covid vaccine.

Adam is overthinking every that he isn’t sure if he suffered a side effect. The day after he got the vaccine, he was a bit sick. But, he isn’t sure if it was the vaccine or his bad diet. I haven’t experienced any side effect. Adam took the Moderna, which is all that was available in Arizona. Steven was given the Pfizer version.

Both are happy they didn’t get the Johnson & Johnson version.

Topics Touched On “Better 5G Service Now”:

We Got Our Shots

Felony Embezzlement for Overdue VHS Tape –The Verge

Adam’s New Place


Stremium and Sling sneaky

Adam, finally, got to see his new place. His neighborhood is so upscale, he will have to start shopping at Whole Foods. Adam explains what is so different from where he was living before. They get into some love for Shaq. Steven reviews Stremium cloud DVR service and why it is currently shitty. Also, Sling is a bit sneaky when you try to change your service.

Enjoy this week’s episode of The Truly Pointless Podcast: Better 5G Service Now.