The Truly Pointless Podcast: Future Vandross

Welcome to a new week. The last full week of April and it’s hard to believe. Thinking back to where we were just a year ago, seems like we’re finally making it out the other side. The Truly Pointless Podcast: Future Vandross is an episode that was recorded nearly a week ago.

As you may remember from last week’s episode, Adam was moving into his new place this past weekend. Of course, he wouldn’t be done by the time we would have recorded. So, as a favor to him, we decided to record a new episode early. Just for you kids. Thank us later.

The hilarious part of the conversation is that Adam gets to see the new place. On move in day. Like the absolute first time he sees the place. Other members of his family have seen it. Or, at least, know what it looks like. Which is weird in and of itself. But, that’s how they do things in their household. But, trust me, he hated his current place. So, any place is better.

Topics Touched On The Truly Pointless Podcast: Future Vandross:

Shang-Chi and the Legend of the Ten Rings Teaser

Red Dead Redemption

Adam Gets to See the Apartment

Ben Shapiro on Bucky Should Be Captain America

Dr. Drew/Eminem

Primm movie Reviews

Buick Skylark

2000 Rap Rock

The episode comes to a close on 2000 rap-rock. That hybrid that last for a bit at the early 2000s. More 199-2001. It was cool at the time, but it was a complete fad. Also, The Truly Pointless Podcast: Future Vandross touches on the verdict that came out last week. It’s a bit of a somber note, but we had some thoughts. Enjoy this episode and we will see you all next week. On our regularly scheduled time. From Adam’s new place.