The Truly Pointless Podcast: Harambe

Nothing catches the attention of a listener then invoking Harambe in your title. The Truly Pointless Podcast goes a step further by making it its title. Why? Why the fuck not? Yes, we know the blog posting for this episode is late, but the week I had was good enough for not posting. Just be happy these episodes were pre-recorded and were slated to go up the weekend before.

The day after uploading all the episodes for last week, my dog Banner died. I found his body in his spot when I came home from work. He appeared fine in the morning. I had extra time, so we sat and hugged. I talked to him, as I always did. Gave him a kiss as I left, then nine hours later – he had passed away.

It had been a taxing summer for me. Many of you know about my brother’s passing in May. Now, our dog felt it was time to join in. I loved that dog. Spoiled him with new collars. Treats would bring a big smile to his face. We had our bedtime routine. Want on my bed. Cuddle for a little bit. Move to parts of the bed. Eventually, he’s jump down and go to his spot. Suddenly, like that, it stops.

I’ll get more into it on a later post.

Topics Touched On “Harambe”:

Chrome – Ugh

Started a New Job

Open House

Mask Up

Always Tell the Legend

China Lander

The Guardians

Racism in America

The Truly Pointless Podcast: Harambe go over the lamest reason why we stick with Chrome. About my new job. Adam’s human-to-human interaction at his kid’s open house. What is the point of racism in America? Lots of people hating on the China Lander. We don’t know why.

We hope you enjoy Harambe. Tuesday’s episode will be the last of the pre-recorded stuff. Wasn’t feeling it this week, so we canceled our recording. So, there won’t be a missed episode of this or The Away Team. You’re welcome.